District Wide Broadcast Message

Mrs. Scarbrough

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  • Thank you to the Hoybjerg Family, who donated new white boards for the students in our class!  Thank you!!!
    • We had our AR lunch party on Tuesday Jan. 16th.  We will have another lunch party for 2nd Semester AR Winners.  Here are the dates/guidelines for AR AR Goals:

      AR benchmark GUIDELINE dates semester 2

      25% February 9th

      50% March 9th

      75% April 20th

      100% June 1st

    • AR NOW  Students may already start working on semester two goals today.  Quizzes taken today and this day forward will have points in their second semester AR account.  Ar goals will be set in the next week.
    • Timed Math This Week
      We are back to timed math!  But we are now focusing on 36 problems instead of 100.
    • Math this week--we are working on long division
    • Report cards go home Friday, Jan. 12th.  Grades for first semester are closed.
    • Scholastic book clubs!  Order online, pay online, ANY TIME!  Now you can order your child books online https://orders.scholastic.com/LJL83 and the books will be delivered to your child in class!  Book orders usually take 2-3 weeks to process.  Free shipping on orders $15 or more.  Scholastic has great deals books for your child and our class.  When parents buy books from scholastic, their child's teacher earns "points" to use toward free or discounted books for the class.
    • Tiger Time
      • Tiger Time is a designated time during the school day where all students receive tiered instruction.
      • This week we are focusing on double digit X again.
    • Weekly Snapshot
      •  If you're ever wondering when a test is scheduled or what we're learning in class, be sure to check out our weekly snapshot pages. Currently you'll find examples from last year. This will give you an idea of what to expect on these pages.
    • Homework
      •  If your child forgot to record our nightly homework assignment in his/her planner, don't worry. Check out the homework page.
    • Art we have art every Thursday
    • PE we have PE Mondays 1-1:40 and Wednesday and Fridays 10:30-11:00


Accelerated ReaderTop of Page

We Do Accelerated Reader! (AR)
"AR" is a reading incentive program.  It helps teachers and parents monitor students' growth.  Students start by taking the STAR reading test on the AR site, which sets them up with a reading level.  From there, the teacher or program can calculate a "point goal" based upon the reading level of the child and minutes of expected reading per day.

In fourth grade, students should be reading at least 30 minutes each night (as put on the agenda nightly), and we read at least another 20 minutes each day in class.  Our students' goals are based upon this 50 minute expectation and reading level. 

Each book has a point value to help children meet their AR Goal (point goal).  Students should be choosing books inside their AR range (reading range) unless he/she has special approval from the teacher to read above.
Currently I am setting up AR Goals for students and writing them on the inside of the agenda.  Your child can still take AR quizzes at this time toward their goal whether it has been set or not.

AR benchmark GUIDELINE dates semester 1

25% September 29th

50% October 27th

75% November 17th

100% December 15th